How RealNW Started

The RealNW Group was founded by Sadie Dressekie, a London native who found her way to Eugene by way of Glasgow, Newcastle and New York. As a youngster, Sadie played sports every chance she got. Tennis, badminton, volleyball, table tennis, skiing, running, netball (offer to buy her a cider and she’ll explain what netball is). It didn’t matter what the sport, if there was a game going on, she wanted in!

Being her parents’ youngest child, it made sense that Sadie loved team sports. She learned the importance of having a good team around her, and how, with the right training, the right environment, and the right attitude, a good team can produce remarkable results. After graduating from the Scottish School of Physical Education in Glasgow, and gaining a post-graduate diploma in Marketing from Newcastle University, she gained a position with the Women’s Sports Foundation, a non-profit organization started by Billie Jean King, and dedicated to giving every girl the chance to play sports.

There, she was part of small, but amazingly effective team, working out of a tiny office in mid-town Manhattan. Each year the Foundation hosts the Annual Celebration of Women in Sports, created and run by just a handful of staff and interns and a host of dedicated volunteers, to celebrate 100+ of the most successful women in sports. Year after year, despite a whole new roster of interns and volunteers, this remarkable 1,000+ plate dinner and extravaganza goes ahead, seemingly without a hitch.

The secret sauce? Teamwork; grounded in trust, good communication, detailed planning, and a commitment to execution with unerring attention to detail.

Sadie’s interest in sports and marketing brought her to Eugene, Oregon, where she earned her MBA at the UO Lunquist School of Business. As her career transitioned from marketing to real estate, Sadie became aware of the number of real estate brokers, who despite making a good living, did not enjoy their jobs, and the number of brokers who, after trying the job for a year or two, quickly became disillusioned. She realized that, like her, other real estate brokers needed more than just a to earn a living to feel fulfilled, and find real happiness in their work. They shared her desire to feel valued, to truly make a difference for their clients, to enjoy coming to work each day, to feel supported, and to feel like part of a great team.

With these thoughts in mind, RealNW Group was born, with the goal of creating a place where people love their work, create meaningful value for their clients, provide excellent service, and make a real difference.

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