Neighborhoods of Eugene, Oregon

The neighborhoods in and around Eugene are diverse in their topography, culture and, often, even their climate. On a fall morning, it is not uncommon to neighbors in one area to wake up to mist and fog, and in another part of town, the sun gloriously peaking through Windows.  One thing they all have in common though, and that is easy access to the lush outdoors that

  •  Amazon Park ( ) : Named after Amazon Park, this neighborhood encompasses the area bounded by 24th Avenue on the north, Agate Street and Laurelwood Golf Course on the east, 30th Avenue on the south, and Amazon Creek on the west. 
  • Bethel-Danebo ( ) : Located in West Eugene between Hwy 99, Greenhill Road, Clear Lake Road and Southern Pacific Coos Bay Line. Near the Eugene airport and shopping, Bethel-Danebo also has its own school district and has seen growth recently in its industrial services.
  • Churchill Area ( ): The Churchill neighborhood is bounded on the south and west by the City limits, on the north by the commercially zoned lots immediately south of West 11th Avenue, and on the east by Oak Patch Road (to it’s northern terminus with the Amazon Canal), south to West 18th Avenue, east to City View and south to the City limits. 
  • Cal Young (  This neighborhood its name after Cal Marcellus Young (1871-1957), the son of a pioneer couple who homesteaded the area in 1851. Coburg Rd, the main corridor taking travelers north from Downtown is rich in retail diversity, with many new developments replacing some of the more established local businesses. It’s mostly single family homes area convenient to Autzen Stadium, the Cuthbert Amphitheatre, Downtown and the University of Oregon.
  • South University/ College Hill ( : Adjacent to Friendly neighborhood, the name refers to the history of the area as it used to be the location for Columbia University. This neighborhood is tucked away between Willamette and Friendly Street between 18th & 29th is mainly comprised of single-family homes and is centrally located.
  • Downtown Eugene ( ): The center of city hosts much of the cities art galleries, theaters, clubs and bars. It also has tons of local eateries and contains the city library, bus mall and retail shops. Recently, growth of student housing, apartments and condos have sprung up throughout the downtown area.
  • Fairmount ( ): This sprawling district which sits between the Willamette River and the University of Oregon was once its own city and was annexed into Eugene and continues to spread south and east of Eugene. Its proximity to many restaurants and retail, make it very walkable to other parts of Eugene.
  • Ferry Street Bridge (no link): Recently separated from the larger Cal Young neighborhood, it is named after the bridge that connects this neighborhood to downtown and is home to Alton Baker Park, Oakway Center and Autzen Stadium which sits on the north side of the Willamette River and goes to the west side of I-5.
  • Friendly Area ( Named after one of Eugene’s mayors, this area between Chambers St and Amazon Parkway west of 18th Ave to the base of the South Hills area, has a diverse architectural portfolio which are distinctly recognized by their mature gardens, lush trees, and friendly residents.
  • Harlow ( The Harlow Neighborhood is in the area bounded by I-5 on the east, the Willamette River on the south, Coburg Road on the west and Beltline on the north.  
  • Gilham: Recently part of Cal Young Neighborhood, this area is located along Coburg Road, and the Ferry Street Bridge neighborhood north of downtown hosts major commercial businesses and off either side you find larger lots, and lower residential density. Close to Ferry Street Neighborhood makes it an easy commute to downtown.
  • Jefferson Westside ( ): Sits north of the Friendly area and sits roughly between West 7th and 18th Avenues and between Chambers Street and Lawrence/Willamette Streets, making most destinations within walking distance. 
  • Goodpasture Island ( Just south of Randy Papé Beltline between the Willamette River and Delta Highway. This neighborhood was created in 2011 when the Cal Young Neighborhood Association was subdivided into three neighborhoods. The southern portion of the island is all commercial with the northern portion dominated by medium density residential. The island also contains a number of high density residential developments, some of which cater to retirees. The area contains the Delta Ponds natural area, East Bank of the Willamette Greenway, Marist High School and the Valley River Center shopping area.
  • Industrial Corridor ( Running north along train tracks, this heavily industrialized district strives to promote a clean, safe, and scenic environment while promoting a healthy economic growth and development. 
  • Laurel Hill Valley ( : The physical boundaries of the Laurel Hill Valley neighborhood starts at Hendricks Park at the west to 30th Avenue to the south, and continues along knolls of 870 feet and 897 feet elevations at the southeast, and northward to a knoll of 898 feet elevation and continues northwest and north along Laurel Hill Drive to the Glenwood exchange and I-5.
  • Northeast Neighbors ( As the name suggests, all lands within the urban growth boundary north of Randy Papé Beltline between the Willamette River and North Game Farm Road. Northeast Neighbors was created in 2011 when the Cal Young Neighborhood Association was subdivided into three neighborhoods.
  • River Road ( ): Just Northwest of downtown, it is comprised of new and older residential neighborhoods and is mixed with businesses along River Road. Located between Pacific Coos Bay Line, NW Expressway, the Willamette River and the Randy Papé Beltline makes this area easy to hop in your car and be anywhere in minutes.
  • Santa Clara ( ): Eugene’s most northern district lies on the edge of farmland and the city, giving it a nice blend of residential housing, rural farm architecture and host of blends of the two. Here you can find a schools, shopping and more all within easy distance.
  • South Hills/Crest Drive  ( These hills lay south of downtown Eugene between SE & SW Eugene hosts both upscale as well as low-income housing. This mixed neighborhood boasts some of the best views of Eugene.
  • SE Eugene ( ): You’ll always forget you’re in the city with this country-like setting. Often you will find wild turkeys, deer and birds visiting the houses in this area. Tucked away on the SE side of Hendricks Park, you will find older and larger homes sitting on even larger lots. This area is popular for hiking and bike riding as well. •  SW Hills ( ): One of Eugene’s most desirable neighborhoods contains a wide variety of home styles, schools and prices to meet your needs. This neighborhood is a popular for hiking and bike riding too.
  • Trainsong : Bound by train tracks, the Trainsong Neighborhood is heavily industrial and encompasses property bounded on the west by Highway 99N, on the south by Southern Pacific’s Coos Bay Line, and on the east by the Southern Pacific switching yards extending north to a line even with Barger Drive. The neighborhood association only recently reactivated and we look forward to providing more information as it becomes available.
  • West Eugene ( Generally located in the area between Active Bethel Citizens on the north (a line created if Centennial continued west, roughly the area just south of Cross Street), Churchill Area Neighbors on the south (a jagged line that includes all of West 11th and one to several blocks south as part of West Eugene Community Organization) and Far West Neighborhood Association and Whiteaker Community Council on the east (Garfield to Sixth, Sixth to Chambers and Chambers to Railroad).
  •  West University ( ): Home of the Ducks, the University district is named after its location on the west side of the University of Oregon’s growing campus. Defined by the area between Franklin Blvd; UO campus to roughly between 19th and Pearl. This area contains larger homes and apartments popular with students.
  •   Whiteaker ( ): More commonly called “The Whit,” Eugene’s oldest neighborhood is spread out around the railroad tracks near the Willamette River at the base of Skinner’s Butte and has seen a recent surge of popularity. Many business line its borders on Blair Blvd. between 3rd & 7th and now is home to Ninkasi, Hop Valley, Oakshire Brewing and many other colorful businesses, are claiming this area as the new hip part of Eugene.