Home Warranties, Weddings, and Life Lessons

It was February and 20-degrees outside. It had been snowing off and on for the last week. My clients were excited to be holding their wedding in the home they had just purchased. Their friends had cleaned and decorated, and they were almost ready for their big day, amazingly three days ahead of schedule. Everything was going well… that is until the furnace died.

Fortunately, they had a Home Warranty as part of the sale. My clients could not hold the wedding in an unheated space. So, they called the home warranty provider in desperation. The provider sent a service provider out the same day and installed a new furnace the next.

Home warranties are best described as insurance for all the major systems in a home. For between $350-$500 a year, you get protection for the basics, such as re-keying your home to replacing an obsolete furnace! You may also have the option to upgrade within the first 30 days of purchase to cover other things like electrical, plumbing, and faulty construction issues.

Quite often the house you purchase has been sitting empty for at least a month or two, if not longer. Once you move in, there is more strain on the home and its systems, causing breakdowns when you least expect them. Just like during these wedding preparations!

Thanks to the home warranty, my clients’ wedding was a lovely, warm affair. Thank goodness they didn’t have to come up with another $6,000 to buy a new furnace — they would have had to cancel their honeymoon!

A home warranty can be a great safety net after the purchase of a home. I believe in providing my buyers with a home warranty so strongly that if we don’t obtain one as part of the purchase, I will purchase one as a closing gift.

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